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“From a friendship, a partnership was formed and AdSpark Marketing was born”


Journey from an idea to a Marketing Agency in Australia

AdSpark Marketing is a Professional Digital Marketing Agency in Australia. We stay ahead of the game in digital marketing to enhance our client’s business/brands growth online. 

Our team is a passionate group of professional digital marketers who work to the highest standards and provide quality client service. With our team members working hand in hand with our clients, we aim for success in each of our projects. In Digital Marketing, there will be challenges and changes along the way; however, as the world of Digital Marketing is expanding rapidly, we strive to keep up to date with the latest and newest trends in digital marketing. 

We stay current with the latest marketing techniques to always aim for the best results for our clients. We currently have some small and large product marketing projects in Australia, India, New Zealand and have made each of our clients feel at home and worthy for the time they have spent with us. 

From the beginning of the internet, there is an ever-growing demand for Digital Marketing, as the world is going digital quite rapidly. This means there are ever-growing opportunities for Digital Marketers to display their talent through work performance. Our client’s success also means we succeed in our goal, which means success in both ways.



Stacey Eades -

Stacey is from Perth, Western Australia, growing up in a small country town then moving to Perth with her family. Stacey has many years of experience in customer service, including disciplined national government departments and the lead telecommunication company. 

Stacey is certified in customer contact and possesses the many skills needed to be customer-focused. In 2016 Stacey started her own business in weight loss as an entrepreneur and had made a successful brand for herself, mentoring many clients to become healthier versions of themselves by making better lifestyle changes. With this comes along a team of entrepreneurs who also follow the same path. Apart from the hard dedication work drive, Stacey enjoys hanging out and spending quality time with her family and enjoying music, movies, and the beach. 

Stacey first approached Digital Marketing in 2020 during the pandemic. As her business was going at a loss, she sought a digital marketer to help with promotional activities online. By chance, she came across Digital Raghu’s page and website and reached out. Raghu gave Stacey the strategies needed to boost growth in her weight loss business. 

As Stacey began to see the growth, she became interested in digital marketing and the need for more of it in Australia to help small businesses reach more clients through online platforms, including search engines and social media. Stacey became passionate about digital marketing and has acquired the skills of content creation and writing. She applies her knowledge of the Australian culture and people to her ongoing projects and now works as the client manager at Adspark Marketing.

Raghu Mandal -

Our lead SEO Specialist Raghu is from Birgunj, Nepal, who moved to India in his youth to study and follow his dreams of becoming an expert in IT and Computing Engineering. Graduating from MS Engineering College, Bangalore, India in 2010. 

Apart from spending his downtime time in an awesome rock band, performing concerts during college time alone with his studies, he has spent many years working as Website designer and digital marketer in New Delhi, India. This includes working for companies from America, Australia, New Zealand and India. Raghu has spent many years mastering his skills in Digital Marketing and is passionate about providing and improving marketing strategies for business/brands to help them grow and perform better online. 

He has spent many years of experience in Digital Marketing, including website development, SEO, SEM, SMO, SMM, Video Marketing, Email Marketing, and much more, while currently working on a few different projects with AdSpark Marketing Australia, his team of digital marketers. Raghu is passionate about helping others from his own country in Nepal and currently teaching interns his skills and knowledge to become a successful digital marketer. Raghu is very professional and passionate about his work, and the goals of his clients mean as much to him as they do to his clients.

“Let people search you not as a competitor but as a mentor.”

Let Us make Your Business 1 Level Up

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Our Motto -

Our Motto is straightforward. We want to build your domain or niche and represent it to the world for you in the best way possible. 

We welcome you to come and explain your business to us. Along with your input and explanation, we can plan the best strategy for it. We are a top quality provider for all of our client’s projects. We listen to your goals and dreams, and then alongside you, we will make the best strategy for your business to have the best chance at ranking successfully. Let our professional team at AdSpark Marketing rank your business today.

Quote Your Dreams are our Mission.”

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