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How Effective is Email Marketing?

You may know email marketing as one of the oldest marketing strategies available; however, just because email marketing is old, it should never be underestimated. Email marketing is, by far, still the most effective way of marketing in 2021. Every successful business will more than likely have email marketing, ranging from welcoming emails, product launch, sales, updates, etc. Welcoming emails average a vast 82% opening rate, which shows the impact of email marketing makes.

email marketing service in Australia

Email Marketing Explained

Email marketing is still an effective strategy in digital marketing. It is sending electronic mail to prospects and customers directly to their inbox. It is a great way to develop a relationship and interact with consumers/clients. A great email campaign can convert prospects into customers in several different ways, such as; introducing new products/services, announcing sales and discounts, and much more. There is one helpful advantage of email marketing: nowadays, most email marketing platforms can run automatically, taking out the hard work. 

Is Email Marketing out of date?

The Answer is NO because

Living in the 21st century, when we hear of email marketing, we tend to think of an old way of marketing; however, studies have shown that email marketing outranks SEO, social media and affiliate marketing and is still the most effective marketing strategy. By 2023 it is predicted there will be 4.4billion email users worldwide, showing that having an email marketing strategy set up for your brand/business is an excellent way of reaching out to more prospects and customers. 

According to research, there are 10 types of email marketing: 

Welcoming emails:

Welcoming emails: When a new customer joins, enquires or purchases your product/service. Welcoming emails have great opening rates.

Feedback Emails:

Feedback Emails: Asking customers for feedback allows them to voice their opinions and encourage reviews and interactions. It also gives the customer the feeling their opinion is important and matters.


Updates: Updating customers on new products/services allows customers to see what's new and most likely get their attention and click back onto your website.


Confirmation: Sending confirmation emails is good to make sure the people in your emailing list want to be there. It also allows them to consent to receive emails from a business.

Holiday Emails:

Holiday Emails: Sending holiday emails are a great way to gain interest from customers; huge holidays such as Christmas will have a high click count. 

Thank You:

Thank You: Sending thank you emails are a great way to show your customers you're genuine. It's a great way to incorporate special offers, freebies etc.


Nurturing: Reaching out to a customer who hasn't been active lately is an excellent way to regain their interest.


Milestone: When a customer reaches a certain amount of spending/using services, a milestone email is an excellent opportunity to show appreciation.


Newsletters: If your website has blogs or articles, sending newsletter emails is excellent at updating customers of the new content available to them.


Gift/Sales: Gift and sales emails are great at getting customers interested in checking out your website again.

Should I use email marketing Software?

Having emailing software is handy when you have a large customer base. Emailing software can make email marketing simpler and easier, which also saves time. It can also maximise your email campaigns full potential, giving you insight to unsubscribers, responses, link clicks etc. Email marketing software has many benefits and is worth investing in for business growth through email marketing.

Whatever your brand or business niche is, it’s most likely you will use multiple types of email marketing to engage with your customers. It is also equally important to know that over-emailing can be seen as spammy, so it is not wise to bombard customers with many daily emails; you may end up on the unsubscribe list. Ending up on the unsubscribe list is not something you want. Our digital marketers at Adspark Marketing can help with the best strategy for your email marketing needs. Contact us

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