Top 5 eCommerce websites in Australia

eCommerce is booming globally, and Australia is not far behind in the market. With the tenth highest eCommerce market by revenue, Australia will grow about A$35.2 billion by 2021. As the coronavirus took over the world, eCommerce became the go-to shopping medium for even those who were reluctant to use it before. 

So today, we are listing the most popular eCommerce websites in Australia. Whether fashion, lifestyle, variety stores or groceries, these websites are ranked based on customer visits. Find out which websites made it to our list and what categories they offer. 

Top 5 E-commerce Websites in Australia

1. eBay Australia
It is estimated that 68.22 million visitors are housed monthly by eBay. It launched in 1999 in Australia, four years after its operations started in America. It quickly established itself as the go-to website for customers looking to find items from fashion, motors, home and garden, electronics, collectables, too many more. It continues to be the top-visited website for eCommerce to date. Through this website, companies and individuals can sell items of their choice. There are auctions as well on the eCommerce platform.
2. Gumtree Australia
Around 33.57 million customers visit gumtree monthly, thus placing itself at the second top most visited eCommerce website. It was founded in the UK and has since made its way down under. Millions of customers buy and sell goods and services like clothes, accessories, vehicles, home and garden, jobs, real estate, hire services, to name a few.
3. Amazon Australia
Amazon has 28.80 million visitors monthly in Australia. Though it was popular in America, it has only recently experienced success and growth in the Australian market. Since 2017, the number of customers has started to increase for the platform. The site allows customers access to millions of products globally. With its easy shipping and return policies, it has become a hassle-free shopping experience for visitors.


Next, on our list is the Kangaroo pouch. It is an eCommerce website that houses mobile accessories, fashion accessories, computers, home appliances, and apparel. The website allows visitors to find the best deal in the said categories. Along with that, they also offer options for free delivery and easy returns. If you are yet to use the shopping platform, we encourage you to do so now! You will find the best deals and numerous flash sales. You can save time and money when you shop from a kangaroo pouch. This is undoubtedly one of the fastest-growing eCommerce websites in Australia.
5. Woolworths
The brand name is synonymous with easy grocery shopping. Approximately 17.58 million customers visit Woolworth's website monthly. The supermarket chain began its journey in the 1920s and today has established itself as the biggest brand name in supermarket chains. You can find fresh groceries and a bunch of recipes you can create with the same. When you visit the site, you will find categories for vegetables, fruits, meat and dairy products, health and beauty products, seafood and deli, along with household items.

The Importance of e-commerce websites

These businesses have been catering to the masses with their websites. In today’s busy world, everyone wishes to have an easy shopping experience and home delivery. The endeavour of going to a store and picking stuff up is pushing more people towards online shopping. Thus in this scenario, we suggest every business think about eCommerce website development in Australian markets

With a clean and responsive website, you can host many clients and conduct business even during off-hours. These are big companies for sure, but one has to remember they reached said position by expanding service areas. Creating an easy to navigate website will help customers find items they are looking for swiftly. This, in turn, makes a massive difference in the turnovers ratio. The perks of having such a shopping platform are numerous for both buyers and sellers.

You may be wondering what the top consumed products by Australians on these eCommerce websites are. Here we prepared a list that shows the top items purchased through online shopping in Australia. 

  • Fashion and Clothing:
  • Books and movies, games 
  • Electronics
  • Apparels and Footwear
  • Cosmetic items
  • Daily Essentials
  • Stationery and hobby items
  • Bags and accessories
  • Drugstore products
  • Household appliances

Honourable Mentions

These are the e-commerce websites that did not make it to the top five of our list. Nonetheless are worthy of being mentioned. They are the most visited websites by customers after the ones we listed above. It includes some popular local Australian eCommerce websites.

JB HiFi deals with electronic goods and has seen considerable success in the same. TVs, headphones, laptops, mobile phones, smart homes, home appliances and robotics on their website.
2. KMart
Kmart offers home and lifestyle items from electronic gadgets to consumer items like apparel for women, men, kids, infants and sports items and clothes.
3. Big W
Big W is directly competing with KMart offering the same items. In addition, you can find categories of items for babies, toddlers, men, women, travel along with outdoor supplies.
4. Coles
On its e-commerce website, coles offer fresh produce, baked goods, milk and dairy, alcoholic beverages, along with kitchenware like utensils, glassware, bakeware e.t.c.
5. Chemist warehouse
On the chemist warehouse's website, you'll find goods like medical products, cosmetic and beauty items, vitamins at discounted rates.
At, you'll find electronics, garden items, home and office furniture, clothes and more for babies and toddlers.

These were our picks for the top eCommerce websites in Australia. Have you shopped from any of the above websites? Please share your thought with us in the comments section. We will be back with more informative ratings and top picks for you. So could you stick with us till then?

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