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Video Marketing Services & its uses

Are you an internet user? If so, the chances you have seen an advertisement video is almost 100% because video marketing is one of the best tools any brand or business can use to promote products and services online via websites, search engines and social media. Studies have shown 85% of companies now use video marketing.

Why Video marketing are becoming important these days?

If being on top of the market and becoming a leading brand is the end goal, video marketing is essential for a business’s overall success.

Video marketing gets 50x more results than plain text alone, which means more customer engagement. It also means people get to see your brand or business’s authenticity instead of reading a text or catching a few photos, which ultimately attracts more clients.  

Creating a video can be daunting at first. However, it is pretty simple. Whatever your business’s or brand’s niche is, there are many ways to make short informative videos.

Making videos right from any smartphone is easily do-able, so you don’t have to use expensive video making equipment to create something unique. However, if you have the video-making tools and software available, by all means, use it. There are also many video editing tools available to make your video sharper with scene editing, background music, subtitles etc.

What are the types of video marketing? Here are five examples.


Demonstration videos are great at attracting an audience into seeing what they are buying from a company, whether it be unpackaging, showing how a particular product works. It can also be digital if a company isn't offering a physical product. It can also be a computer video demonstration or tutorial on software, game, etc.


Animation videos give space for lots of creativity; making a video with animations, texts, and voiceovers can be fun and an attractive way to get people engaged.


Live videos on social media such as Facebook are quite popular; they allow the audience to be more actively engaged, increasing interactions. Live videos also will enable the video maker to acknowledge people who watch and instantly answer questions.  


Question and answers are a great way to do video marketing, and it will allow the audience to pay attention to the questions asked, which may be relatable to their queries or concerns. It also helps customers to gain confidence and more information on the service/product offered.


Testimonials are eye-catching; it shows genuine customers sharing their experience with a particular product/service. It allows potential prospects to observe and gain interest, especially if it's relatable. For example, it could be a weight loss customer explaining how a specific weight loss product or service helped them share their story with a before photo related to the service/product they used.

Some More:

We have listed only a few types of video marketing. However, there are plenty of ways to apply video marketing to your websites, social media accounts, search engines, etc. It would be beneficial to have the right strategy planned with your digital marketer based on your goals and ideas, which can be implemented into your marketing plan.

The Best Video Editing Tools in Video Marketing

Using some popular video editing tools in video marketing will make a difference in your video's quality, such as adding background music, inserting subtitles, editing out mistakes, shortening scenes, and lots more. There are many video editing tools available; some are used for different types of videos.  Below are seven video editing tools that we recommend. 

Premium Pro is one of the best video editing software available. It can be used in almost every type of video editing, such as television, social media and films, making it one of the most popular choices. Premiere Pro software can be used on both windows and ios devices, making it easily accessible. 

One of the many features of Filmora9 is that it allows users to insert animations, elements, and overlays (GIFS), texts, and music so that users can make creative videos. 

Davinci is a free video editing application but can be subscribed to for extra features. New video makers can use DaVinci well as professional video editors. It can be used for all types of productions such as marketing for businesses, documenting and music videos, plus more. There are a few different versions available such as Davinci Resolve, 15, 16 and 17.

Final cut pro is another video software used by ios users, created by Apple. This professional video editing software is perfect for creating, producing and editing very high-quality professional videos. It may be a little bit on the expensive side; however, it is well worth the money spent with the right skills.

iMovie allows ios users to create stunning 4k videos right from any apple device, such as Mac, iPhone and iPad. With an inbuilt library of templates, it’s very user friendly, allowing users to insert text, music, photos, special effects, etc. Perfect for video marketing.

Animaker is a creating software that is used to create animation videos. It is easy for beginners, and with its ready-made templates, it is beneficial to have a video-making tool. 



As previously mentioned, video marketing is an essential tool for your brand/business if your goal is getting above your competitors in the market. There are plenty of creative ideas and tools that can help you achieve this result. The most important factor is to research which video editing tool will best suit your business or brand’s needs. Most video editing tools have a free trial, so it may be a good idea to test different software before purchasing to find one that suits your video making/editing needs specific to your brand/business. 

If you would like further suggestions or advice related to video marketing, one of our digital marketers will be happy to help. Contact our team today. 

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